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Your home is your castle, but what is it saying about you? Does the face of your home show the world what you want it to see? Face it. Face your home from the street and think hard about what a stranger would think. People’s eyes are drawn to movement, like the movement of your garage door up as you leave.

What is your garage door saying? Is it squeaking and squealing? Is it lurching and jerking? Or worse, is it stopping? If any of these are true then it is time to get a professional to repair your door. Garage door repair Bonney Lake WA is a phone call away. Expert craftsman can visit your home and turn that cry for help into a hum of contented mechanical perfection. That is the message your house should be putting out for the world to see.

A garage door needs maintenance like any other part of your home. Parts may fail. The springs may need replacing. Eventually the opener mechanism will need to be repaired or replaced. Think about how many times the motor and springs have raised and lowered the door. They have opened and closed twice a day, every work day for as long as you have owned your home. More if your spouse works a different schedule than you do. Even the finest machinery will wear out in time at that pace.

When the time comes to change what your house is saying about you then a new garage door should be part of the redecorating, Modern garage doors come in as wide a range of styles as homes. If you are a fan of Victorian architecture then a tilt up real wood garage door may fit the theme of your home. If the modern look is more your style, then a metal rolls up door may complement the facade and décor. You may be going for a functional upgrade. A modern insulated garage door will make all the difference.

If you are striving for a striking look, then a decorative garage door should be on your list. Doors are available with many styles of windows, colors and patterns. You will find one that will upgrade the look of your home. Think about how much of the face of your home is taken up by your garage door.

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